So You Want to Join the Hive? Your Must-Read GA Tech New Student Guide

Georgia Institute of Technology, commonly called Georgia Tech, is a top-tier public research university known for its strong focus on technology and engineering

Georgia Institute of Technology, commonly called Georgia Tech, is a top-tier public research university known for its strong focus on technology and engineering. Offering an Ivy League quality education, Georgia Tech has earned consistently high rankings in national publications for its technologically-focused curriculum, attracting students from all over the world seeking a challenging and innovative learning experience.

New students joining Georgia Tech can expect a rigorous academic environment, abundant resources, and a supportive community. The university offers an array of programs and services designed to facilitate the transition of incoming students, such as the FASET (Familiarization and Adaptation to the Surroundings and Environs of Tech) orientation program, Office of Graduate Education, and tutoring and workshops to help students succeed both in and out of the classroom.

Beyond academics, Georgia Tech is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive campus environment. With various resource centers catering to different student populations, such as the Women’s Resource Center, Veteran’s Resource Center, and LGBTQIA Resource Center, the institute ensures that all students feel welcome and find their place within the campus community.

Academics and Majors

Georgia Tech holds a stellar reputation as a top-tier public college. With its strong emphasis on technology, it offers a wide range of cutting-edge majors and minors that attract students from all around the globe. Known for its commitment to innovation and excellence, Georgia Tech is the go-to destination for aspiring tech wizards and future leaders in the field.

Top Programs

Georgia Tech offers many programs with solid national rankings in multiple academic fields. Some of its most popular majors, according to US News include:

  • Engineering (52% of 2021 graduates)
  • Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services (19% of 2021 graduates)
  • Health Professions and Related Programs (10% of 2021 graduates)

Students at Georgia Tech can choose from six colleges and 28 schools focusing on Business, Computing, Design, Engineering, Liberal Arts, and Sciences.

Minors and Certificates

In addition to major programs, Georgia Tech offers various undergraduate minors and certificate programs to complement students’ educational experiences. A comprehensive list of available minors can be found on their academic catalog.

Some popular minors include:

  • Computational Data Analysis
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Languages
  • Sustainable Cities

Georgia Tech also offers certificate programs, which provide a focused study in a specialized area. These certificates generally consist of a series of related courses.

Admissions Process

Georgia Tech offers a comprehensive and holistic admissions process for potential students. This section will provide an overview of the application requirements, deadlines, financial aid, and scholarships available at Georgia Tech.

Application Requirements

Georgia Tech’s application requirements vary by student type, including first-year, transfer, and international students. Typical requirements include an online application form, official high school or college transcripts, standardized test scores (SAT or ACT for first-year students), letters of recommendation, and a personal essay or statement. Details about specific requirements can be found on the Undergraduate Admission page.


Application deadlines vary depending on whether the student is a first-year, transfer, or dual enrollment applicant. Being aware of these deadlines is crucial to ensure a timely application submission. More information about the deadlines can be found on the Admission Overview page.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Georgia Tech offers various financial aid options and scholarships for eligible students. These opportunities can help make education at Georgia Tech more affordable. Financial aid options include grants, work-study programs, and loans. Scholarships can be merit-based or need-based, and some are specifically tailored for particular fields of study, locations, or backgrounds. Detailed information can be found on the Prospective Students page.

Prospective students must research and apply for financial aid and scholarships early in the application process. The financial aid and scholarship deadlines may differ from the general admission deadlines, so applicants should plan accordingly and submit all required documentation on time.

Campus Life and Activities

Student Organizations

Georgia Institute of Technology offers various student organizations and clubs to explore and participate in. With opportunities in intramural teams, club sports, and an award-winning Campus Recreation Center, students can easily find competitive fun and personal fitness activities. Georgia Tech also boasts an excellent outdoor recreation program, with local and afield year-round excursions.


On-campus housing is available for students at Georgia Tech, with a diverse range of housing options catering to different preferences and budgets. 53% of undergraduates live in college housing, and while freshmen are not required to live on campus, many still choose to do so. The average housing cost is around $6,918 annually, providing a comfortable and stimulating living and learning environment within the 400 wooded acres of the Atlanta campus.

Dining Options

Students at Georgia Tech have various on-campus dining options, ranging from traditional meal plans to diverse eateries and cafes. These cater to different dietary preferences, ensuring everyone can find something to satisfy their taste buds. Some popular dining locations on campus include:

  • Brittain Dining Hall
  • North Avenue Dining Hall
  • West Village Dining
  • Food Trucks

Furthermore, Georgia Tech’s location in the heart of Atlanta provides easy access to off-campus dining options, including traditional Southern cuisine, international fare, and fast-food chains across the city.

Research Opportunities

Undergraduate Research

At Georgia Institute of Technology, undergraduate students have a wealth of research opportunities that help enhance their academic experience. One such opportunity is the ACE program, which allows students to perform research with faculty members in various schools, such as Biological Sciences, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Civil & Environmental Engineering, and Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering.

Another option for undergraduate students is the Research Option program, which is open to all undergraduate students and designed for those planning to attend graduate school or pursue a professional career. The Research Option typically involves completing at least nine units of undergraduate research and often results in a journal publication or conference presentation. Additionally, this program completion is designated on the student’s transcript.

The Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) Program unites undergraduate education with faculty research in a team-based setting. Undergraduate students in the VIP program earn academic credits while contributing to design and discovery projects that benefit faculty and graduate students.

Graduate Research

As a top-tier R1 research institution, Georgia Tech is committed to fostering a healthy research environment for its graduate students. Georgia Tech is home to nearly 4,000 faculty members across diverse disciplines, including engineering, computing, sciences, business, liberal arts, and design.

Graduate students have access to state-of-the-art facilities and resources, allowing them to collaborate with faculty members on groundbreaking research projects that address real-world problems. Students pursuing a Master’s or Ph.D. degree can engage in research opportunities that align with their academic interests and career goals.

Collaborative research efforts at Georgia Tech often result in significant advancements in knowledge and technology, making it an ideal environment for graduate students looking to make a meaningful impact in their field.

Resources and Support

At the Georgia Institute of Technology, new students can access various resources and support services. These services help students succeed academically, transition smoothly to college life, and prepare for their future careers.

Tutoring and Mentoring

One of the most valuable resources for students at Georgia Tech is the availability of tutoring and mentoring services. These services aim to provide academic support in various subjects and disciplines.

The Office of Graduate Education offers resources for graduate students, including assistance with funding, housing, and registration. Undergraduate students can benefit from transfer course requirements and credit information on the Undergraduate Admission page.

Moreover, the Center for Teaching & Learning provides teaching and learning resources through an extensive online toolkit, helping instructors navigate issues related to the learning environment and best practices in teaching.

Career Services

Georgia Tech is committed to helping students succeed academically and professionally. The university offers a range of career services and resources to assist students in preparing for their chosen careers.

These services include job search assistance, resume review, interview practice, and internships or co-op opportunities. Students can consult with career advisors to help them navigate the job market and plan effectively for their future.

Additional resources for international students and scholars are available through the International Student and Scholar Services, including drop-in advising, individual appointments, and email support, ensuring that all students at Georgia Tech have the support they need to excel academically and professionally in their chosen fields.

Notable Alumni

Over the years, Georgia Institute of Technology has produced many successful and influential alumni. Among them, one of the most prominent names is Jimmy Carter, the 39th President of the United States, who graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in nuclear physics.

Another notable graduate is Raymond G. Davis, a highly decorated United States Marine Corps officer who served in World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War, earning numerous medals and awards, including the Medal of Honor.

Georgia Institute of Technology has also produced exceptional alumni in the field of science and technology:

  • Kary Mullis, Nobel Prize-winning biochemist who invented the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technique used widely in scientific research and diagnostics.
  • Shane Kimbrough, NASA astronaut who has participated in multiple spaceflight missions and served as the commander of the International Space Station.


As new students at the Georgia Institute of Technology, you may have questions about campus life, academics, and support resources. In this section, we’ll address a few frequently asked questions and provide you with relevant information to help you transition to life at Georgia Tech.

1. What academic programs does Georgia Tech offer?
Georgia Tech is a world-class public university, offering over 100+ Ph.D. and master’s programs across six colleges in various STEM-focused fields. For more information, visit the Graduate Education page.

2. What resources are available for new graduate students?
New students can join an extended orientation program led by experienced graduate students, access a guide on student-faculty expectations and policies, and find essential software resources. Learn more on the New Students page.

3. How do I apply for transfer admission to Georgia Tech?
Transfer applicants can use the Georgia Tech admission portal to submit their applications. For detailed information and to create an account, visit the Transfer Admission page.

4. Where can I find information about campus activities and clubs?
With more than 25,000 students and a thriving campus community, Georgia Tech offers many ways to build life-long friendships and connections. Visit the Prospective Students page for more information on campus activities and organizations.

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Georgia Tech Countdown: Prepare for Liftoff, Future Yellow Jackets!

We’ve reached the end of our little virtual tour through the wonderland of the Georgia Institute of Technology. We’ve shared some insider tips and must-know essentials to help you kick off your journey as a shiny new Yellow Jacket. As you prepare to dive into this new chapter of your life, always remember to stay curious, make friends, and, most importantly – have fun!

Sure, the road ahead will be full of challenges, all-nighters, and caffeine-fueled study sessions, but trust us when we say, it’ll all be worth it. Georgia Tech has a knack for bringing out the best in its students, and we can’t wait to see the incredible things you’ll accomplish as a part of this buzzing community.

So, go on, get ready to make some lifelong memories, explore the campus, and don’t forget to cheer on the Ramblin’ Wreck from Georgia Tech! Good luck, and may your Tech experience be nothing short of extraordinary. Catch you on the flip side, future Yellow Jackets! 🐝