Square on Fifth Square on Fifth


848 Spring Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30308
P: 404-978-1978
E: SQ5@pinnaclecampusliving.com

Floor plans

Nestled in Midtown Atlanta, at SQ5 you can enjoy your own private bedroom, private bath, your own closet, whether it’s a 1-bedroom or a 4-bedroom apartment. The rooms are clean and spacious, not to mention fully furnished and kitchen with stainless steel appliances.

A1 - One bedroom apartment
616 sqft
Sold out

A2 - One bedroom apartment
636 sqft
Sold out

B1 - Two bedroom apartment
921 sqft
Sold out

C1 - Three bedroom apartment
1242 sqft
Starting at $1,320

C2 - Three bedroom apartment
1210 sqft
Starting at $1,305

C3 - Three bedroom apartment
1216 sqft
Starting at $1,335

D1 - Four bedroom apartment
1518 sqft
Starting at $1,300

D2 - Four bedroom apartment
1589 sqft
Starting at $1,300